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Sun Angel

Posted on: September 14th, 2012 by admin No Comments

The Sun Angel S52 tanning bed is revolutionizing the way people tan. The Sun Angel calculates an individualized, custom tanning session every time. Using an optical sensor and intelligent new technology, the Sun Angel blends UV-A and UV-B for an optimum tanning result that tans quicker than conventional sunbeds while virtually eliminating the possibility of getting a sunburn.Temptronic Plus Climate Control System. Includes 2-system controls – one for the body and one for the face – that reach desired temperature quickly and maintain it through the session. Separate air-conditioned base acrylic cooling also adds to comfort.Control panel with 32-field LED display and control grip with individual comfort settings. Amazing voice-assisted service and diagnostic support and automatic reset function after each use makes the Sun Angel S52 easy to operate.

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