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The Ergoline Sun Select 52 gives your customers a choice in the way they tan. Tanners first select their skin tone and then choose the desired strength of their tanning session. Once selected, this sunbed’s impressive tanning technology takes over – 52 x 200-watt Dynamic Power UV lamps, 4 x 520-watt Ultra Performance high-pressure facial units with 3 x 15-watt additional UV-B spaghetti lamps and 2 x 250-watt high-pressure shoulder tanners with Ultra Performance technology. Customersalso have an array of luxurious comfort features from which to choose. The preferred temperature – whether warm or cool – is regulated via the Temptronic Plus climate control system. Acrylic panels at the head and foot ends of the sunbed perform two tasks; they help achieve the desired temperature quickly and maintain it throughout the session and they also help shield against external noise. The sunbed’s 3D-Sound system with subwoofer and MP3 player input, refreshing Aqua Mist & Aroma function and innovative cockpit control with Voice Guide all make this unit a real tanning sensation.

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