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With a max exposure time of 12-minutes this bed is engineered for the active people in mind. Developed for people who move, the Sundash performance tanning line appeals to an active lifestyle tanner with a no-nonsense attitude and keen focus on quality. Some busy customers will always prefer a stand-up tanning unit. And the Sundash 252-Radius delivers a beautifully even, full body tan in a 12-min exposure schedule for tanners who are on the go. Photogeometrically engineered to provide a flowing, open-air tanning environment, the Sundash 252-Radius easily accommodates all clients. Now, even the tallest tanning customer can get an evenly balanced tan from head to toe. With over 6.5 feet of tanning power, the Sundash 252 Radius is equipped with 52 extra-long, 2-meter SHO-RUVA tanning lamps. The Sundash 252 Radius also features two full-length, floor-to-ceiling support columns. Constructed of heavy-duty brushed aluminum and securely mounted, they provide solid support for customers of all heights and weights.

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