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250 Ambition

The Ergoline Ambition 250; its high intensity makes sessions slightly shorter (15 minutes instead of 20) and helps you reach your final results a little more quickly. Resulting in less exposure to reddening UVB rays for a more natural golden tan.

Overall, the Ergoline 250 ambition is a great option for a rich, even base tan with a reasonably faster turnaround time for results.

Engineered with perfect results in mind, the Ambition 250 – with its combination of Super Power UV lamps and high-pressure facials – is loaded with tanning power to spare. Keeping clients cool and comfortable with all this power is a large, yet quiet, rotary foot fan. The Ambition 250’s comfort as well as its tanning results benefit from the Body Curve extended tanning surface. It softly supports customers while positioning them perfectly for an even distribution of UV light.

The Ambition 250’s comfort as well as its tanning results benefit from the Body Curve extended tanning surface. It softly supports customers while positioning them perfectly for an even distribution of UV light. Engineered with perfect results in mind.


Sunrise 480

The Sunrise 480′s Turbo Power, 2-meter tall, 200-watt tanning lamps provide a deep all-over tan that is achieved in a quick tanning session.

For music enjoyment, Stereo Sound is available. Also available is a 3D-Sound system with MP3 dock-in and SD card slot. This allows clients to listen to their own mix of music through this acoustically incredible system. And your customers will easily be able to hear music while maintaining a comfortable body temperature thanks to the Sunrise series’ Silent Cooling system. This system bathes the entire body in a pleasant flow of refreshingly cool air, yet is whisper quiet.

Inspiration 450

The Inspiration 450 is destined to set new standards in this class with its level of premium features, exciting styling, light design, generous comfort and, above all, UV performance. Ensuring a perfect, all-around tan, this sunbed has 42 Turbo Power 180 and 160-watt UV lamps along with 4 facial tanners at 400 watts each. A wide, ergonomically-shaped acrylic and air conditioning offer a cool and relaxing tanning session. Clients can enjoy music with the optional stereo sound system complete with MP3 player dock-in and SD card slot for a totally customized experience.

Open Sun 550

The Open Sun 550 is unexplainably one of the best tanning units offered at La Bella Sole Tanning Lounge. The 15 minute exposure time will ensure you get the most colour out of this bed. The Open Sun 550’s unique open-air design with its A.R.T. (Advanced Reflective Tanning) System achieves the highest tanning results and is perfect for clients who dislike the “closed-in” feeling of traditional beds. Air Condition Plus keeps tanners comfortable and the Multi Relax base acrylic has a wide shape and includes an integrated headrest, relaxing armrests and variable footrests.

The Ergoline Open Sun 550’s intuitive control panel is easy to reach and in view of the customer. Facilitating the effortless closing of the canopy is a cockpit grip. In addition, the Open Sun 550 comes equipped with important safety standards. Once turned on, the two high-pressure facial tanning systems will shut off in case any objects fall into, or are placed on those units. The Open Sun 550 also includes a Voice Info function that reminds tanners of this safety feature.

Open Sun 1050

The 1050 Open Sun “Bronzer” is one of the highest-quality tanning beds in our salons. Sessions are six to ten times stronger than Level 4 beds and clients can utilize up to 12 indulgent minutes in length, no matter the skin tone. Tanners who use the Bronzer can get a dark, natural base tan in only two to three sessions, making it the absolute fastest way to get a natural, golden brown glow.

The results of the Bronzer are also much longer lasting than any other sun tanning bed. That’s because the specially designed lamps in the 1050 Open Sun produce different ratios compared to conventional tanning units. The beds use just a small amount of UVB to stimulate the melanin production required to tan the skin and a much higher amount of UVA to really oxidize that melanin and turn it a golden brown. The lower UVB output of this high-pressure bed means that it doesn’t cause as much drying of the skin, nor does it accelerate the exfoliation process as in conventional tanning. The result is a richer, darker, and longer-lasting sun tan than what can be achieved by other beds.

With the lower levels of the reddening UVB rays, it’s easy to see why our Bronzer is a top choice of clients who are fair-skinned, who redden easily, or who have an otherwise difficult time getting a dark color.

The 1050 Open Sun is built to conform to your body and is arguably one of the most comfortable of all our tanning beds. In short, the 1050 Open Sun gives you six to ten times faster results, emits extremely low reddening rays, provides a lengthy and comfortable tanning session, and delivers a longer-lasting tan with fewer tan lines and less drying of your skin.