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Customers will appreciate the relaxed, roomy extra-width Multi Relax base acrylic with its integrated head cushion, comfy arm dips and adjustable footrests inside a cavernous tanning tunnel.Sun Angel’s intelligent sensor takes just seconds to measure how much each individual customer’s skin can safely take, preventing the risk of sunburn.The SUN ANGEL uses the measurement data to calculate a personalized tanning session that gives you an appropriate dose of UV light.Unlike natural sunlight, the SUN ANGEL emits an individual and personalized UV spectrum. Intelligently blending UV-A and UV-B makes better use of those UV light frequencies that give you that sumptuous tan.You will always have that perfect tan because the SUN ANGEL gives you just the right amount of UV light. Your skin's resistance to UV light will increase after each SUN ANGEL session and the UV dosage will gradually increase, as appropriate, to match. The Ergoline SUN ANGEL knows just how much UV light is necessary for a perfect-looking tan. Your individual UV light requirement depends not only on skin type, but also if your skin has an existing tan.

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